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I am using quickbooks for the first time. I know there are different needs according to the nature of business,  but anyone can tell me some tips on matching transactions and choosing the correct category. I am new to this company and according to the owner, profit and loss reports are not giving the correct information. And I believe this is because of the incorrect label of categories. Before I start changing according to me I am looking for better recommendation so that I can choose correct area for everything.

Thank you for you help

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Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your problem in our community, you have come to the right place for assistance with QuickBooks. I have got some articles for you that you will find helpful, I will share it in the end. As far as what exactly items should be categorized, it is better to talk to your accountant. Your accountant will be able to give you right advice about labeling bank items.  And if you still faces any problem related to your QuickBooks them I will be here for you, you can get more information on

I wish you and the business a great success

Answered on September 20, 2018.
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