Most efficient way to pay bills for a new company

I am using QuickBooks Online in my company that has been in business since 3 months. Presently I pay bills by writing physical checks and record them in QuickBooks Online later. I think this is not an efficient process so I am seeking for an advice that gives me the best way to do this thing.  Should I use online bill pay, enter bills in QuickBooks Online and print physical checks?

Suggestions would be appreciated

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I am sharing the best way to do this, you can go to your bank and set up the vendors and pay them there. Afterwards bank process the payments which will show in the feed with the vendor’s names and you can set up rules to code them. I am also using this method and it works nice.


  1. No checks to purchase
  2. No stamps to purchase
  3. Time, because you will be downloading the checks as they process and feed thru the bank feed import.


Many thanks

Answered on September 19, 2018.
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