How to enter a payment from non customer in QuickBooks

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I want to add the payment which I have received from non customer. Now I am struggling to add this payment in QuickBooks. Any ideas?

I know how to add a customer payment but this time this is the case of non customer.


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Follow the simple method by adding a Sales Receipt to record that payment. Follow the steps which I have mentioned below to enter that payment which you have received from non-customer:

  1. Go to the Create(+) icon
  2. Choose Select Receipt
  3. Don’t fill anything in the Choose Customer field
  4. Fill the Details of the transaction
  5. Now Save the action

If you further questions, let me know and don’t feel shy to leave a reply or you can call on 1800-567-0425, if you need any Support for your QuickBooks.

Answered on April 8, 2019.
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