I recorded payroll checks in the wrong account ledger. How to Correct?

Previously I have recorded payroll checks in the wrong account ledger but now I have recorded then in the right account ledger. But now I am getting confuse in deleting the wrong entry because if I did it then my payroll history got messed up.

Thank you!

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The entry you are talking about is related to QuickBooks Online. So read this carefully to fix this: In the account that they actually unoccupied from, you can allot the checking account where QuickBooks payroll submitted them to, as the target account, i.e. where you can normally enter what expense a check is for. So in the wrong account, you have an in and out, so no change in the balance, but the payroll expense is properly recorded. Visit QuickBooks Support Number USA 1800-567-0425 if you want our technicians to do it for you in no time.

Answered on April 3, 2019.
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