Modifying invoice adds items (wrongly) to checking account

Hey, I am the owner of small HOA and few months ago I decided to print bulk invoices for every resident with annual assessments. Few residents did not pay the invoices on time so I edited their invoices by mentioning late fees and reprint them. I select the type “other charge” for late fees.

My issue is QuickBooks decided to include these new items in checking account as invoice payments. Now I can’t reconcile our checking account with bank feeds, as there were no payments made from association’s side, and also I cannot delete these lines from checking account. I have only option is to delete the invoice.

So how I can get rid of this. I want to remove extra line from checking account but Quickbooks not giving me the permission. I am using QB Pro 2018.

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See, It is a common error faced by user while setting up the items. It’s probably pointing to your checking account. When the system as we want the money to go , logically people point it to their checking account. It should be shown into your late fee income account or other income account.

Follow these steps :

Go to the product list, and edit the product item for late fee. Change the checking account to the income account. This will fix the invoices going forward. Unfortunately doesn’t fix the back ones. Or you can create the separate invoice for the late fees. So to correct the old invoices, go to that invoice and just delete the line for the late fee and click save. Then you can create the new invoice for late fee.

I hope this is helpful to you


Answered on September 19, 2018.
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