Need multiple date formats on invoices in QuickBooks

Good morning members,

I am moving from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Simple Start Online. We have clients in U.S and as well as overseas and as you know clients may perceive dates in different manners. (For example: 3/11/2018 could be March 11 or November 3). When I am using QuickBooks, I am not facing this issue but in QuickBooks online every line includes an order date.

In the QuickBooks Desktop Version I am able to customize the invoice but I can’t see any edit option in QuickBooks Online. Is there anything I am doing wrong?


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Hey there,

No you are not doing anything wrong; QuickBooks Desktop has more features than QuickBooks Online. The option which you are looking for is not available in QuickBooks Online Version. So either you have to move back to QuickBooks Desktop Version or you will have to use this QuickBooks Simple Start.

Many Thanks.

Answered on April 11, 2019.
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