How To Fix QuickBooks Printer Library Error?

I am using QuickBooks form a long time but today I am facing an issue while printing an invoice. It shows an error message that’s you cannot print the invoice.  Can anyone give any suggestion to solve this issue?

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The QuickBooks Printer Library Error is Occur Due to a Specific font is not installed in your system and when you gives Print Command in your system then it shows error message of you cannot print this invoice.

Causes of How to Fix QuickBooks Printer Library Error:

  • A Particular Font is Not installed in your computer
  • Different fonts in invoice
  • Printer is not connected
  • Absence of a driver
  • System RAM is less according to needs of software

You can follow these steps to Resolve Your Issue:

  • Check The Template’s Font
    • Start QuickBooks and Tap on Customers and then Chose Create invoice
    • Search to the Formatting Chose Customize Data Layout
    • Chose Basic Customization
    • Select the Change the Font For unit
      • Tap on then tap on Change Font
      • Select Font and then tap Font type
    • To Check or modify the font for Company Name, company Address, Labels Data, Subtotal Labels and Total Labels, You want to repeat the steps.
    • The Font type should be same for all the items that declared above. If it is not then you can face this issue again.
    • Press OK
    • Gives the print command after checking the fonts for whole template. Now you will be able to print invoice.

I hope these steps will help you to resolve your issue. If you still facing this issue then you can call on our toll free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-567-0425 and get support from our technicians.

Answered on October 23, 2019.
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