Refund for deposited check in QuickBooks

Hi I got some situation; I request all of you to pay attention to this

My customer makes a payment for two invoices through check which I have deposited to my company’s bank account. After a week, customer voided the check so my bank cancelled that check. Now the funds were withdrawn with the same amount as the check.

The question is how to record this deposit refund but I don’t want to cancel these invoices because my customer will pay them is the coming week.


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I am here with some steps and information which will help you in your transaction. We can generate a check that influences the customer account. By this you have a record that customer still owes you the said amount. Have a look:

  1. Go to the Create menu and choose Check
  2. Choose your bank account and if you wish, you can leave the Choose a payee field
  3. Now, navigate to the Account details column and fill Accounts Receivable under the Accounts column.
  4. Fill up the details in the Amounts and Customer Section
  5. Save the changes and close the window

At the time when customer pays you in the coming week then you can record the payment through Receive Payment

Here is how:

  1. Go to the Create menu and choose Receive Payment
  2. Enter the details like Customer name, payment date, payment method and the Bank
  3. In the Outstanding Transaction column, mark the check
  4. Now type the required amount and save it

These steps will help you in maintaining these transactions. Dial QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1888-396-0208 for further assistance and speak to certified technicians.

Have a great day. Keep me updated

Thank you

Answered on April 24, 2019.
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