Set up expenses and liabilities in QuickBooks Payroll

I want to set up my payroll in that way so that the employer portion of taxes shows I both category i.e. expense under payroll expense and liability under payroll liabilities until it is paid.

I know employee withholding is not an expense because it is categorized in the gross pay expense which is automatically submitted to the payroll liabilities account. And portion of taxes should be categorized in payroll expense which is absolutely correct. Now my Question is that the employer portion never submitted to the payroll liability account. Is there any way to have the expense posted to the liability as well?

Right now I am facing the balance sheet issue which shows me that I have overpaid all my payroll taxes by the amount of my employer portion of taxes. Need suggestions and fixation.

Many thanks

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Thank you for sharing your issue with us. We are happy to serve you better. Let me tell you  that if you setting up payroll by yourself then you have to do it manually fill up the expense debit and credit the liability.

You can also take the help from our certified technicians who are available at our QuickBooks Payroll Support Number USA 1800-567-0425 which is toll-free number and ready to assist you 24×7.

Answered on April 3, 2019.
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